Monday, November 3, 2008

Meredith's Wedding

I already posted a few of these on my normal blog, but I thought I would post a few more that I've worked on here. Such a gorgeous bride and wonderful friend.


  1. GOOORRGEOUS!! I especially love the first 2! The colors really pop Great job! She'll be so happy!
    And here's Aubrey's Actions:
    I'm pretty sure it's free! Maybe she charges now! I use the Country Living one a lot...but since I don't have the latest Photoshop version, I have to delete some layers and tweek it a little so it looks good.

  2. Jen you did as usual a wonderful job, I love the colors the 1 photo is beautiful! ok they all are but that one is my favorite!

  3. Gorgeous colors! Did I tell you my husband has a photo blog too?