Saturday, March 14, 2009

Sugar and Spice

Just finished editing these pictures from my photoshoot last week. Isn't this little baby beautiful? I wish I could upload the images in their full resolution so you could see how truly gorgeous they are (I sometimes hate posting them online because they differ so much for the actual image quality since I'm too lazy to wait so long for such huge files to upload). But anyway this time I  tried a few new ideas that came to me recently. I am absolutely in LOVE with the tulle pictures--so I am unabashedly tooting my own horn (maybe I'll post a high res of that shot somewhere because it is so cool looking!). 

Thanks again Jana for letting me take her pictures and your c.d. is coming soon! (And for some reason I don't have comments with this blog layout, so tell me what you think on my other blog, because I love hearing what you have to say!) Enjoy!

The high res link for this pic (if you want to see it in more detail) is:

p.s. don't you love how she seems to be peeking out at you? :)