Thursday, May 5, 2011

Senior Pictures

I never posted these, but I love how they turned out. These were the last pictures I took before we moved, and they were of our amazing babysitter. She was graduating and I offered to take her pictures as a graduation gift. She looked so beautiful (what eyes, right??) and it was so fun to take pictures of someone that actually sat still! :) These are low res copies because the originals are on my computer that is acting up, but you still get the idea of what a cute girl she is.

I also love senior pictures because you can use more urban colors and fun settings.

Gotta love the purple converse.

The K Boys

 I haven't posted on here for a really long time, mostly because I took a bit of a sabbatical while we moved and I had a baby. :) I decided to finally get back into the saddle again and take some pictures for a friend that helped our family out a ton when we really needed help the most. Thanks Wendy and Chris! So here are just a few pictures that I've edited so far. Her boys are the CUTEST! Hope you like them. :)

 This baby was killing me with cuteness. Seriously.

 I had to put this one, it just cracks me up!!
The brothers. So fun!