Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Castle :)

So here's my latest photo shoot. My old friend from freshman days at BYU was kind enough to ask me to take her family's pictures. So not only was it fun to see her again and meet her family, but the fact that 1. her little boy is adorable, 2. She and her husband could both be models, and 3. Val also happens to have the most flawless skin I have ever seen, period! made it one of the best photo shoots yet. Her little boy also happens to have as much energy as my daughter Maddy, so it was fun to try and catch him smiling/looking at the camera at all. Val, you will be relieved to know not only did I get one picture of him smiling, I got several!! Hope you enjoy, and your c.d. will be in the mail soon!One of my favorite pics yet. I was as obsessed with his cute little converse shoes as his mom probably was! Can't believe I caught him sitting still long enough for this pic!
Love the leaf in the hair!
He was having a blast, so cute!
Played around with some funky vibey colors. I personally like it!
Dad and son. Aren't they cute?
Mom thinking up songs to make him smile. I have some GREAT photos of the two of you together Val!
This picture makes me laugh. Notice his little hand about to push Dad away? lol!
Lovely scenery and fam!

Another one with some fun modern colors. Tell me what you think!


  1. So that has to be the mental hospital in Provo. Is it? I'll have to talk to you about it. LOVE the location!
    Cute family! They all look great! And you know I like the urban acid look!

  2. John--do you remember what fine photos Sis Marie Gittins Wills used to get---because people trusted her behind the camera, and just relaxed and let her shoot? Looks like Miss Jennifer has that same magic touch. Her subjects look just happy and content (well, except for the hollering child--which is also a great shot!!)
    love and hugs