Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Some more favorites (and finished finally!)

So, finally, I have finished editing my dear friend Meredith's wedding pictures. I wanted to make sure I did a good job, so I took a long while to finish them. But hopefully the newlyweds will like the finished product. In celebration of finishing, I thought I would post a few more of my favorites, including some shots from their reception. (Did I mention it was one of the most gorgeous receptions I've ever been to? They rented a huge white tent, had it in the middle of a lovely tree-filled park, had a live jazz band, wonderful food, a ring ceremony for family and friends unable to attend the temple ceremony, and lots of happy people.) Also, the bride was formerly a member of the BYU Swing Dance Team, which should tell you how fabulous she looked while dancing with her groom. Those two really cut a rug.
Anyway, enjoy! (I know I did. Love you Merz!)

Love how the lighting makes her almost glow.
Possibly one of my absolute favorites from the whole day. Gorgeous.
I loved being able to catch the "real" moments of the day too. These two are so FUN!
Love the blur action going on in this picture.

Similar to the last picture, but I love how her lips are pursed. I don't know why. And the best skin ever. I really need to ask her what she does to make her skin look so flawless!

Apparently the groom likes to rock climb and so we thought this was a funny pose. Their kids are going to love this picture someday, don't you think?? :)

I loved this moment. I may not have mentioned this, but it was FREEZING on this day, and the bride was not wearing a long dress. She was a trooper. But while we were arranging another group to take some pictures, her Dad stepped over and wrapped her in his arms to warm her up and to give her a hug. I guess I love it because I think the picture is lovely, but I love it more for what it shows about the love between a dad giving up his daughter on her wedding day. It's a moment I'll remember for a long time. :)


  1. OH.....the pictures are marvelous!! It brings back such a happy memory and I'm not even the bride! She was such a pretty bride...they are just cute, cute, cute together :o)

    I must agree that the last picture - the dad hug picture - says a thousand words.

  2. I bet you're so relieved to get those done! They are beautiful! I especially love the one with the blur but they are all so lovely. You do great candids. The dad hugging her is great too.

  3. Jenn
    They are beautiful! you did a wonderful job!