Saturday, September 6, 2008

Heidi's Family

I just barely had the chance to photograph these kids and it was a blast. Aren't they all adorable? The first few are of a little boy named M. (I use their first initials to keep them private) who doesn't happen to belong to the family (he tagged along with his friend S., the football player) so I took his pictures too!Mr. M. in all his cuteness.

Here's S. now. Did I mention he also plays baseball? :)
This little doll loves getting her picture taken!
Her sister with an adorable look on her face!

I just thought I'd let the rest of the pictures speak for themselves. We had a blast with the boys playing football and the girls doing dress up. More pictures from this shoot to come!


  1. They are gorgeous! you truely are talented in so many ways, I really need to get myself some talents!

  2. I love the pictures!!! They are wonderful!!!

  3. Jenn!!! These pictures are fabulous!! Amazing job. I am so happy for you and your business. I wil be setting up a photoshoot w/you asap!!

  4. I am impressed at how inexpensive you are! That will get you a lot of business I am sure.

    I would suggest...if that is put your pricing on the side of this blog along with your contact info because as you post more, this info will be harder to find. I hope you don't mind the suggestion.

  5. Beautiful pictures! You are so talented! I would love to have you do pictures of Dallin!

  6. You are so, so, so , very talented. I love all the pics! I really enjoy photography, especially when people I know are great at it!

  7. The pictures are really good! We need to get pics taken of my girls, soon! :)